Who was Harish Parmar and what was his cause of death? Indian Army Soldier Harish Parmar martyred in a clash with terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir, biography, photos: The news is coming from Nadiad, there has been a sad demise of a jawan who has been martyred in the clash against the terrorists which took place in Jammu and Kashmir, the media reports have come in, it is being stated that Harish Singh Radhesinh Parmar who is at the age of 25 and is a resident of Vanzaria Village in Kapadvanj taluka of kheda district who was serving the army for the last five years has died. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Harish Parmar

Who was Harish Parmar?

He was stationed in Jammu and Kashmir, he got killed in a clash with the militants in the Machal sector, there is an atmosphere of mourning in the entire Vanzaria village, he belongs to Gujarat and he has been martyred recently. There have been constant clashes between the army and the militants seem to be going on for several days now, there have been nine soldiers who have been killed in the clash, it includes 2 JCOs, the bodies of two soldiers including a JCO have been found during the search operation on Saturday.

When we talk about Kashmir on the other hand, the army has killed 13 militants after nine clashes they killed civilians, as soon as the report reached the village about the death of the jawan, the entire village has a population of 2,500 which include the family and all of the people, everyone was in tears, the villagers who came to his house to present their condolences have been chanting Vande Matram slogans.

Harish Parmar Indian Army Soldier biography, photos and last video

The father was completely devastated after hearing about his son’s death, he was proud too at the same time who sacrificed himself for the protection of the country, it seems like the whole village is feeling sad and they are proud of the son of India’s sacred land, he laid his life for the nation and this gesture is never going to be forgotten, he is always going to remind about the hardships to protect the country.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the soldier who has laid his life for the protection of the people of this country, he is always going to be remembered, may his soul rest in peace. We will update you further about the story if there are going to be further developments.


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