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Halloween Kills Firefighters Petition: Halloween Kills Petition Launched Demands for Firefighter Scene to Be Removed


Halloween Kills Firefighters Petition: It seems like Michael Myres is out there for blood this month as Halloween kills is going to be released soon but not everyone is stoked for it, there is a petition which has been launched on Change.org with the hope of removing the scenes which are of Michael murders responding firefighters after he escaped from Laurie’s burning house which happens at the start of the movie. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Halloween Kills Firefighters Petition

Halloween Kills Firefighters Petition

There were some glimpses of the kills which were previously revealed in the official trailer and it seems like “The Boogeyman” was clearly not being easy on them. The petition description reads, we want the scene in the new movie Halloween Kills where they show the slaughtering of the firefighters.

Halloween Kills Firefighters Petition

The petition further read it is wrong because the firefighters were lured to the house and they got murdered by the person who set the fire, it is wrong that Michael has killed the firefighters with the gear of the other firefighters which he killed earlier, as a firefighter it is very offensive and even his mom and dad are not at all happy to see what they are seeing as they are also retired, firefighters.

The petition further stated, they want the scene taken out of the movie, it has been stated there is no reason to include this horrible scene in the movie especially since this has happened in real life, it seems like there are many firefighters out there who are not at all happy about the scene which is the opening scene of the movie.

It seems like there are many people who are supporting the petition but there is a high possibility that the moviemakers are not going to cut the scene, the scene is going to be included in the movie as there has been no statement from the makers and there is a very slight chance of the scene getting removed.

There are many stars who are going to be returning in the movie, it includes the likes of Nick Castle, Kyle Richards, Nancy Stephens, and Charles Cyphers. Judy Greer, Andi Matichak, Dylan Arnold, and Will Patton return from the previous movie, while Anthony Michael Hall joins the cast as an older Tommy Doyle.

The movie is going to be in the theatres on the same day as it si going to be released on the streaming platform Peacock with no extra charges, the audiences can watch the movie on 15th October.

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