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Hallea Jones: Who Plays Eden on ‘Locke & Key’?


Who is Hallea Jones? Age, Instagram, IMDB, Net Worth: It seems like the user may recall Eden and Matheson’f from the resident mean girl from Netflix’s first season of Locke & Key, it seems like in the second season, the actress and the character have gotten a massive upgrade, so for the people who are wondering about who is playing Eden in Locke & Key. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Hallea Jones

Who is Hallea Jones?

It seems like the SEO searches sometimes aren’t in proper English but it is all fine, there is nothing to judge so if you are searching for the “who is the Locke & Key actress” then you have come to the right place, her name is Hallea Jones, she is at the age of 24 and she hails from Toronto in Canada.

Where Have We Seen The Actress Before?

She did her first credited role as Jess, she was the instructor in the year 2018 episode of Workin’ moms. She has also appeared in the two episodes of the hot zone as Anita and she was also in the episode of the boys as the “older girl”, she has also appeared in the Netflix movie naming Let it, Snow.

Who is Hallea Jones? Age, Instagram, IMDB, Net Worth

It seems like the show has managed to gain a lot of attention and people seem to be binge-watching the show as of this point in time, people are loving the series, as we have entered season 2 Gabe and Eden are going to team up for nefarious reasons which haven’t become totally clear towards the end of the 10 episodes.

Real Name Hallea Jones
Nick Name Hallea
Instagram @halleajones
Age 24 years old
Profession Model and Actress
Birthplace Toronto, Canada
Date of Birth 7 April 1997

It seems like there are a lot of twists and turns in the show which has caught the attention of the audiences, the show seems to be a great blend of a good plot and great acting which has helped the series to reach the level which it has reached, it seems like the series belongs to the binge-watching area.

There are people who are asking for the third season confirmation from the markers and it seems like there is going to be a piece of news on the same in the coming days and weeks and we will be on our toes to provide you with further developments in the series, the series is getting streamed on Netflix as of this point in time.

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