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Hafodyrynys Road Accident Today: 3 People Taken To Hospital After Crash On A472 Near Pontypool


Hafodyrynys Road Accident Today: 3 People Taken To Hospital After Crash On A472 Near Pontypool: The car accident was reported on the A472 near Pontypool, UK where three people were badly injured in a car crash and taken to the hospital. The accident took place around 12 noon on Thursday, September 23, and the road was closed from both directions after the car crash took place which included three vehicles between the Herbert Terrace in Crumblin to Pontypool’s Albion Road. After the crash took place, the police received a call and rushed to the spot, and handled the situation. According to the sources, the police confirmed at the moment that both roads will be closed overnight.

Hafodyrynys Road Accident Today

While some sources are sharing the reports of the incident on the Internet and a spokesperson from the police force said that they received a call from the spot at around 12:30 PM and upon receiving the news, two rapid response cars, two ambulances by air, and emergency ambulances were dispatched to the spot to handle the situation and after some time, the injured people were rushed towards the hospital.

According to the official reports, three accidental people have been taken to the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff after the incident, and still, their condition is unknown, said South Wales Ambulance Service. South Wales Fire and Rescue personnel also attended the incident and they received a stop message at 02:29 PM. After midnight, the A472 at Hafodyrynys was opened for the motorists in early dawn morning.

The road was blocked after the incident so, the investigator continue their work on it. Both sides of Eastbound from Crumlin to Pontypool and the westbound side was closed from Pontypool roundabout to Crumlin. At midnight, the AA maps were showing the traffic moment of the road. The service got a Stop Message at around 2:30 PM and all the services were removed from the incident after an hour.

Any causality was not recorded at the moment but some of the sources were claiming that the people were badly injured and police are not disclosing the reports of the people from the hospital. The official Twitter page of Stagecoach South Wales shared updates information through their tweet. Many drivers have changed their routes at the moment and they also faced several problems at the moment.

It has not been confirmed yet but the police will have informed the family members of the victims. The Gwent Police tweeted with every update of the incident. Many more incidents have already happened on that road and Gwent Police are still developing the situation of the road.

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