As we know due to COVID 19 many of the industries are closed no work is being done, we are locked in rooms right now, same as these Gym industries are once of them all are closed so some gym owners are protesting near Delhi LT Governor’s office. here you all will get to know the full story, what matter is all about. Through this article know the incident and every detail of the incident. So read this article till the end.

Gym Owner Found Protesting Near LT Governor's Office

All the gym owners are protesting, because of their livelihood their business is closed means gyms, you can understand their pain right now most of the businesses have been opened as per the guidelines of the Government. But still, gyms and schools including colleges are closed so owners of the gyms are requesting to reopen the gyms. Because many of the people are unemployed who are related to this industry and working into. Many of the people who are fitness freak they also want gyms to be open as soon as possible.

As per the reports we got to know there are 5500 gyms in the whole Delhi, and 1 lakh persons are compromising with their livelihood, there are several people who are connected to this line such as trainers, executors and helpers, cleaners. By the association, a memorandum has been prepared in that Anil Baijal said Gyms are being neglected by Government.

Cases of COVID 19 are increasing day by day in Delhi and across the world but at someplace in it is in control, even in India in some of the states COVID 19 in control, once the disease was uncrossable. Many of the people are infected by coronavirus as it is one of the most dangerous viruses all the time and destroyed many countries. millions of people have lost their life, job, and family. So that’s why gym owners are also surviving to get money and meet their expenses.

As we know all the gyms have been shut in Delhi since March, because we have to avoid gathering in public and due to gym cases could be increased but if we talk about the current situation then as per the sources now cases are under control, and finally Government has allowed all the gyms to open with a proper guideline as the Government issued, for the safety purpose. Follow our page for more details and updates like this and connected with us always.


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