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Guys Arrested After Huffing Paint? Revealed


Guys Arrested After Huffing Paint? The weirdest act by a guy is getting viral on the web and also making the news headlines. This isn’t the first time we are seeing such news on our television. And after this ghastly act that he is now under an arrest. You might be wondering what had been an act by him that we’ve to face prison. So stay glued to us to grab the update of the whole news. We will be going to update you with the full story. So without any more delay let’s get into the Indiana man’s most shocking fiction. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Guys Arrested After Huffing Paint

Guys Arrested After Huffing Paint?

A man from Indiana is so crazy for the smell of the chemicals and for this he has been got into the weirdest act. He recently busts fro ‘Huffing” paint fumes which are marked for almost 48 times. He is so obsessed with it and keeps on signaling the smells of the toxic chemicals. We all have some kind of obsessions but this man has the most da generous obsession which is leading to his death and other serious issues of his health. Overdo of anything in the world is dangerous and resulted badly.

Guys Arrested After Huffing Paint

The name of the man is Gibson and he is in the trouble due to a late since 1992 and all this is due to his addiction which si causing him health issues and other serious problems in his life. This viral news is all about the most heated argument that happened between Kelly and her husband. They were in a heated argument a week ago on their balcony. She gave a statement which is revealing that she was so scared of her husband. Let’s know what she has been told to the police, “my husband was inside the house and I’m standing outside afraid to go inside, he was coated with a v paint and shirtless. His face was all covered with silver paint and he is looking so dangerous at that time.”

Not only this, she further told that “he had a plastic bag in his one hand while in another hand he had the silver paint can. He was looking dazed and his eyes were glassy.”

Now he is in the prison for the charge of inhaling the most toxic vapors. Huffing is the direct inhalation of vapors and fumes including common household products which are toxic and dangerous for your health. This toxic vapor can lead to cardiac arrest, addiction, and more health-related problems.

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