Home News Gunshot Victims Oklahoma Horse Dewormer Overdoses, Doctor says

Gunshot Victims Oklahoma Horse Dewormer Overdoses, Doctor says


There has been a statement which has been issued by the Northeastern Hospital system, Dr. Jason McElyea is not an employee of NHS Sequoyah, he is affiliated with a medical staffing group that provides coverage for the emergency room, he has not worked at the Sallisaw location for over 2 months. He has not treated any of the patients due to the complications which are related to ivermectin, it includes not treating any of the patients for ivermectin overdose, all of the patients who have visited the emergency room have received medical attention as inappropriate.

Gunshot Victims Oklahoma Horse Dewormer

Gunshot Victims Oklahoma Horse Dewormer

It has been further stated by the hospital, they had to turn away any patient seeking emergency care, they further they want to ensure the community, the staff is doing hard work all day long to provide the patients with top-notch and quality healthcare to all of the patients, it has been further stated by the hospital they appreciate for the opportunity as to clarify the issues which have been raised.

Th people who use ivermectin which is an anti-parasitic drug that is usually reserved for deworming livestock and horses, as a treatment which is a preventative for Covid-19 and is used in the emergency rooms and it has been stated by an emergency room doctor working in Oklahoma, the gunshot victims are having hard times getting the anti-parasitic drug.

It has been further told by Dr. Jason McElyea, the overdose is causing backlogs when it comes to rural hospitals which have left both beds and ambulance services scarce. The gunshot victims are having a pretty hard time getting the required facilities where they are able to get definitive care.

It seems like the situation has gotten pretty critical, all of this is happening because of the limited resources which are there and it also raises a question on the government as they are not providing the medical hospitals with what it required by them to treat the patients.

Another issue is a public trust which is getting tarnished when it comes to trusting the hospitals to provide the patients with proper medical assistance but it seems like it is not possible with the lack of resources which the hospitals are facing as of now and this can be the reason of the death of many so this needs to be fixed by the government as soon as possible by having a meeting of some kind with the hospitals who are suffering with the lack of resources.

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