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GUNNA ‘PUSHING P’ MEANING and What Does ‘Pushing P’ Mean On Tiktok? Explained


Gunna ‘Pushing P’ Meaning Explained: Nowadays everyone is confused and eager to know what is actually ‘Pushing P’ as it is in trend throughout social media this week, Read this full article to know what is it and what does it actually mean? recently American rapper has revealed the real meaning of Pushing P named Gunna. Pushin P is the title of the new single song of rapper Gunna and he has explained the meaning of Pushing P he was mentioned everywhere on social media platforms to promote his latest track which made people curious to know the meaning of Pushing P. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Gunna 'Pushing P' Meaning Explained

Gunna Pushing P Meaning Explained

Gunna along with Young Thug and Future has released his new single titled ‘Pushing P’ from the album DS4EVER. For the last few days, he was making hype of his new song with P emoji on his Instagram and other social media platforms which made hip hop’s listeners curious and a little bit confused regarding P emoji and the title of the song Pushing P. Recently he revealed the meaning of Pushing P, he told that P stands for the player, and Pushing P means staying real with a string of examples on Twitter.

Gunna ‘Pushing P’ Meaning And Memes






Basically ‘Pushing P’ is the single track of Gunna’s new album DS4EVER and it seems that Gunna himself panned the title of his title which is Pushing P as he is being seen in a music video using this phrase along with Young Thug and Future and he also explained it as leaving your fellows out of the circle? That is not P. You look what I am expressing, We are not on that we on P shit! We Pushing P.

If you are reading this you might have some doubts regarding this but all you need to know about Pushing P is that it is just a trend that was set up by a rap artist to promote his latest song. That’s all you need to know about this trending phrase. If you want to know where it is available to listen we have mentioned it in the below paragraph.

The latest track has been released on 12th January which is available on all renowned platforms like Amazon Music, Spotify, and Apple music. Pushin P featured Gunna and Future along with Young Thug and it is a new drop from album DS4EVER. This song is also available on Youtube, you can find it on Gunna’s official channel. Stay tuned for more.

A Very famous rapper Gunna has explained the meaning of the viral phrase ”Pushing P” which has made its way all across social media, especially on Tik Tok. The rapper has released his single ‘pushing P’ alongside his future and young Thug earlier by this month.

This song has quickly viral on social media, especially on Tik Tok. Now it has become a trend over on Tik Tok. People are using “Pushing P” for making their reals. Even the song’s lyrics are posted in Tweets and Instagram stories on all social networking sides.

Those who are very active on social media are likely to see the phrase all over their timelines, especially used with bright-blue P emoji.

Atlanta-based rapper ‘Gunna’ has explained the confusing pushing p mean.

Pushing P means according to Gunna

what does mean by Pushing P Gunna explained. The phrase has just now begun to take over users for their you pages. he said, what has meant over on Twitter for pushing p. Gunna told that pushing p essentially presents to Keep it real and it is basically a positive term. “Being Loyal is definitely?” Gunna wrote. jumpin in a person beef or situation when u dk wats going on, Not P,” he clarified. He also explained the term in an Instagram live stream.

Gunna said on live stream, you see a lady at the door, you hold the door for the lady bro, that’s P. We pushing p. you feel me? I ain’t too tough, arguing with my partner about no money like, we ain’t going back and forth, he said the is P.

People were only thinking that “P” only stands for “Player”. Gunna said pushing p has not only to mean player but it can also mean ‘paper’ depending on how one uses the term. The rapper said being loyal is definitely ‘P’.

Pushing P effect on social media

Pushing P is used for hilarious memes and trends over on social media. The Pushing has got already millions of views. The term is used very effectively.

Who is Rapper Gunna?

Sergio Giavanni kitchens are known professionally as Gunna. He is an American rapper. He signed to Young Thug’s record label YSL Records, as well as Atlantic Records. He is professionally a rapper, singer, and songwriter. kitchens were born in college park, Georgia. He started making music at the age of fifteen. He liked to listen to Cameron, Chingy, and others.

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