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Gun Range Robbery In Georgia: 3 Dead In Gun Range Shooting


Gun Range Robbery In Georgia: 3 Dead In Gun Range Shooting: A shooting incident left everyone shocked and stunned that took place in Georgia. According to the authorities, a couple and their young grandson are the victims of this shooting incident. Detectives are hunting at least one armed suspect who was involved in this shooting range robbery case. As per the reports, this is the repercussion of a robbery attempt at Lock Stock & Barrel Shooting Range that happened in the evening on Friday. Since this news broke out it has gained everyone’s attention and people are eager to know who is the culprit. We have covered this story comprehensively so go down the page by reading every section of this article that has been placed down. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Gun Range Robbery In Georgia

Gun Range Robbery In Georgia

The victims of this shooting incident are said to be the owner of the gun range and his spouse and their grandson. The Grantville Police Department immediately dispatched a unit to the scene when they got informed about the incident on Friday evening. Cops confirmed the news of the Lock Stock & Barrel Shooting Range owner’s death and his wife and grandson around 8 PM. Kindly look at the next section to learn the real identities of the shooting range owner and the other two victims of the incident.

Gun Range Robbery In Georgia Shooting

Reports confirmed that owner Thomas Hawk 75 years of age, his wife Evelyn of the same age, and Luke their grandson 17 years of age are the victims of the incident. The Hawk family was a well-reputed and famous family in their region. The Hawks family was running the Lock Stock & Barrel Shooting Range for approximately 30 years. Luke was said to be on his spring break and was there to help his grandparents at the outlet. Steve Whitlock who is the chief of Grantville Police said this is a great shock to everyone in the community and we are trying our best to figure this out.

Gun Range Robbery In Georgia Shooting Video

As people are eager to learn who is the suspect in this shooting incident we have got to know that police have not made any arrest as of yet. No prime suspect has been tracked nor identified as of now. Police reports claimed that nearly 40 guns weapons and a camera are missing from the outlet. The chief also claimed that this kind of crime was reported for the first time since he is serving in his post as the crime rate of the town is really low. Stay connected with us for more information and further development.

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