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Gum Hai Kisi KE Pyaar Mein 28th April Latest Today’s Episode: Virat Leaves For Secret Mission


Here we are with the written episode update of “Gum Hai Kisi K Pyaar Main” on 28 April 2021. The episode starts with Sayi comes out and everyone is waiting for her outside the house, when she comes villagers use to get emotional while Usha Massu cries for her and says “take care of yourself”. Sayi says to her to not cry and better take care of herself too. Sayi wonders  ” how will I go to manage everything alone in the megacity, please god help me as I have faith in you.”

Gum hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Written Episode

On the other side, Kaku says to Pakhi that “I have already told everyone that no one will go to follow Virat then why had you went to his room.” Pakhi says “he the member of this family and it’s my duty to take care of my family members, while was went to ask for a dinner.” Then Kaku takes away a breakfast plate from Pakhi’s hand and she says “I’m here to look after my son and you don’t have to go to Virat rooms, till then Sayi doesn’t return home.”

Later we will see Virat is really upset and he keeps on thinking about Sayi. While Kaku reaches to him and tells him not to get worried for Sayi and she will be home very soon and they both get emotional and missing Sayi. Later we will see Sayi meets Pulkit and he asks her ” why she has gone to Gajroli, as Virat told me this.” Sayi tells him everything about how Virat threw her out of the house along with Usha Massi. She exclaims how much she is hurt by the Virats behavior.

Later Virat is all set to leave the house, as he has a bag in his head and when he is leaving his mom comes to him and asks where is he going? Virat tells her that he has to leave for a secret mission. Bhavani asks him “when does he return home and where is he going for a mission?” Viart, ask to tell “I can’t reveal anything as it is a secret mission hence please don’t ask anything. ”

Virat is behaving rudely to everyone and his behavior is hurting everyone in the family. Later his mom uses to tell him to focus on his mission and when he comes back, they will plan to bring back Sayi home. Virat replies to his mom that “I request you to not force her to come back home, when she will feel to return on her own then only we will go to take her back.”

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