Gully Boy First Review: Bollywood Celebs Are Strongly Impressed With The Aaliyah-Ranveer’s Movie: The forthcoming Bollywood movie, Gully Boy, is all set to hit theater’s on this Thursday, which is also get co-incident, with the festival of love, Valentine’s Day.

Since, theatrical day, of the Hindi movie, Gully Boy, released it is well received by the fans, and the filmgoers’ too. Especially, trailer video of the movie, mainly, liked by the leading man, Ranveer Singh’s, wife, the Bollywood actress, Deepika Padukone and she said she is really impressed to see theatrical trailer of the movie Gully Boy.

She also said that she is really proud of her husband, Ranveer Singh and she also praised him a lot, which is also make the movie, Gully Boy, one of the most awaited and anticipated movie of the year 2019.

Gully Boy First Review: Bollywood Celebs Are Strongly Impressed With The Aaliyah-Ranveer’s Movie

Gully Boy First Review

One of the famous and popular, filmmaker of the Bollywood, Zoya Akhtar, directed the flick, Gully Boy, which is touted as a musical drama, and it is first time in this movie 2 popular actors come together as couple, the Simmba actor Ranveer Singh and the movie Raazi actress, Alia Bhatt.

Indeed, it is the theatrical trailer and the music album was already impressive, and now, after the movie go through its initial release phases it received appreciation from all sections.

On the last night, a special screening for the movie, Gully Boy, organised in which most of the film personalities’ and film stars, arrived in order to see the movie Gully Boy’s special screening from the Bollywood, which was just star studded.

From the music director and singer Shakar Mahadevan, to the film actor Rahul Bose, from the celebrity, Atul Kasbekar to the actress, Deepika Padukone, everybody where in full praised for the movie Gully Boy and all of them praised both leading man and the leading lady, Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt respectively.

Celebrities are also having good words and appreciation for director of the movie, Gully Boy, the most of the Bollywood celebrities are in just awe to see how perfectly, the filmmaker, Zoya Akhtar directed the flick.

It is so, the Bollywood celebs are already impressed with the movie, Gully Boy, in its special screening, so it is being assuming that the film Gully Boy, shall manage to impressed audiences’ and critics also when it will release on the 14th Feb.

On the social site and on the internet, it is appreciation and praising for the musical drama, Gully Boy, is going on, so the film is also trending and going viral there, in the social site, especially, in the micro blogging site, which is making its enough reason to catch audience’s attention towards the film Gully Boy.

Indeed, celebs are writing some good points for the Ranveer Singh’s, movie, Gully Boy, who was last seen in the successful action drama, Simmba.

The movie Gully Boy is helmed by Zoya Akhtar and produced by the Zoya Akhtar’s brother, and the filmmaker, Farhan Akhtar, with his business, partner, Riteish Sidhwani, under their own banner, the Excel Entertainment.

The movie will hit theater’s tomorrow, on 14th Feb, the Valentines’ Day, and it is expected that much crowd will attract towards, the movie, because of its positive mouth publicity the movie received.


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