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Gujarat Factory Boiler Blast, 5 dead & More Than 50 Are Injured!


Gujarat factory boiler blast is something serious as it took 5 lives and more than 50 people are injured due to the blast. To be accurate you should know that around 57 people are injured because of the boiler blast. The whole thing took place in the Bharuch district of Gujarat. It was a massive explosion and it took a lot of lives.

We are waiting for the confirmed news about the health of the injured people and the Gujarat factory boiler blast isn’t the only problem we are facing. The country is right now a lot of pressure as COVID-19 situation is already on our nerves and the way it affected the economy is also a big problem right now though we are fighting it in a good way.

Reports are suggesting that the five workers from the chemical factory have died immediately in this accident. The whole incident took place on Wednesday and a massive fire triggered by an explosion in a boiler at Dahej in Bharuch district. The reports are coming that the fire department is already working on the scene and everybody is evacuated from the factory.

gujrat boiler blast

The Police Superintendent, RV Chudasama, said, “So far we have confirmed the death of five employees. Some bodies were recovered from the factory, while others died in the hospital. The rescue operation is still underway.” We are waiting for confirmation about the health of other people.

It was a brutal accident and the injured people are shifted to the various hospitals in Bharuch and near Vadodara city. We are waiting for the further update about the case though nothing is confirmed yet. RV Chudasama has also expressed concern that the death toll may go up as rescue work got over.

Also, the investigation for the case was ongoing so far we know that the plant contains poisonous chemicals so that could be the reason the factory boiler got blasted and the other people are likely to be evacuated from nearby areas for safety reasons.

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