The CBA League 2020 is going on and the next match we are going to get is between the Guangdong and  Beijing Royal Fighters. The team Guangdong will be squaring off against Beijing Royal Fighters in the upcoming match. Guangdong Southern Tigers are currently in the first position on the league’s scoreboard. They are the best team as of now and their play has been really amazing. Till now they have played a total of 36 matches. Out of the thirty-six matches they have conquered victory in 34 matches. GST has lost only two matches as of now.

Guangdong and  Beijing Royal Fighters Live Score

GST has scored 58 points in their account. Recently, GST played against the team Tianjin Pioneers. In this game, GST scored 128 points whereas the opponent team Tianjin Pioneers were struggling at 98 points. This was definitely a victory for GST. Before this game, the team gets played against the team Fujian Sturgeons. This match was also won by GST by scoring 143 rums whereas the opponent could only manage to score 126 runs. Guangdong is on fire and has been playing really awesome. They are at the top and if they want to continue with this position then they cannot afford to lose any game. Hence their victory matters a lot for their top position in the league.

Match Details

GST vs BRF, CBA League
Wednesday, July 01, 2020, 05:30 PM

GST vs BRF – Team Squad

Guangdong (GST): Xu Jie, Liu Quanbiao, Weibo Fang, Rui Zhao, Mingxuan Hu, Haojia Zhang, Sonny Weems, Xinkai Wang, Shengwei Wan, Jianlian Yi, Du Runwang, Zhou Peng, Liu Xucheng, Junfei Ren, Fan Zeng, Li Yingbo, Su Wei

Beijing Royal Fighters (BRF): Yue Sun, Zirui Wang, Ban Duo, Bolong Meng, Kyle Fogg, Zhang Fan, Yasong Chang, Jinlong Chen, Tonglin Sun, Zian Chen, Yu Liang, Xiangbing Wang, Shang Gao, Arnett Moultrie, Haoyang Jing, Zong Zan, Shaojie Wang, Zheng Wang, Mengjun Xu

Talking about the other team, Beijing Royal Fighters is also doing good in the series. They are in the fourth position on the league’s scoreboard with their good performance. Beijing Royal Fighters has played a total of 35 matches till now. With these matches, they managed to score 49 points for the team. Out of the 35 matches, BRF has succeeded in 23 matches. They have lost 12 matches till now.

Previously BRF had a match against the team Jilin Northeast Tigers. In this game, BRF scored 117 runs whereas the opponent scored 115 runs. This eventually led to the winning of the team BRF. Before this match, they also faced Shanxi Longs. BRF again won the match as they scored 106 points while the opponent was at 98 points. The path of BRF in the recent five matches is L W W W W. BRF have to perform really well in this match in order to move further in the league.

Both teams are strong contenders of the title. It will be treated to watch these teams fight against each other for the title.


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