There has been a case of a Grizzly bear as the bear has killed a person which has happened on Tuesday and the attack took place in the Ovando which is a small community and it has been stated by the officials of State Wildlife, the victim hasn’t been identified yet but is described as a woman who was camping there which has been reported by NBC Montana.

Grizzly Bear Attack Montana

Grizzly Bear Attack Montana

It has also been stated by the Powell County Sherrif that traps have already been set in the area and there are searchers that are on the lookout for the bear and authorities are also looking for the bear from the air and it is not going to take too much time to the authorities to find the Grizzly bear.

Ovando is a small community that includes 60 people and it is about 45 miles to the east of Missoula and it has been stated the authorities in Montana by the department of wildlife, fish, and parks have stated that the Grizzly bear was caught on one of the CCTV cameras from a private business camera in Ovando which happened on Monday and it has been further stated by them that he entered one of the chicken coops.

It has been stated by the Sherrif in a statement that the campsites are going to be closed until Sunday and they have further stated that people who are in the area need to be cautious as the bear who is in question hasn’t been found yet.

It has also happened earlier when back in April, one of the guides of the backcountry was mauled by a grizzly bear which happened near the West Yellowstone and this has happened outside the national park. The grizzly bears are protected federally as it is being stated as a threatened species which is a rule in the lower states that are about 48 in number.

It seems like that the bear is still on the loose and people are being advised by the authorities that they need to be cautious and should inform the authorities if they spot the Grizzly bear.


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