Granfell Tower Fire: Toto Wolff apologizes to survivors of Grenfell Tower fire: A Boss of Mercedes, Toto Wolff took asked for an apology to Grenfell United survivors. Mercedesces had been come up with a new deal which they signed with Kingspan, it is a firm which has been made some of the insulation used on Grenfell Tower, it is the same tower block who was caught up a fire in the year 2017 and in this 72 people were lost their life. And now let’s jump into the article below to know more about the news which is becoming a news headline on all media networks. So without further delay, let’s get into the video. Follow More Update On

Granfell Tower Fire

Granfell Tower Fire

Later the group had been disapproved and who is best known for representing survivors and bereaved families. After the CEO and Principal of the Mercedes team replied on Friday. So n this he has been asked for an apology which is of “additional hurt”. And they even repeated the statement of Kingspan, and they don’t play any role in the design of Grenfell Tower. And Wolff even accepted an invitation to meet with the entered team of the Grenfell.

He has given a statement which reads, “the tragedy of the Grenfell tower was just beyond of my expectation and this what which shouldn’t be happened ever. So on behalf of my entire team I would like to apologize to the survivors of Grenfell and this is for the additional hurt and it was si unintentional and we are feeling so bad. To establish the complete investigation of the tragedy is so on the way so to finish our relation with a Kingspan we were first talked to them sincerely and before this, we tried our best to understand that what roles were played by the products of Kingspan as what had been happened to Grenfell.”

But later the statement from the Kingspan said that “they hadn’t played a role at the design of the tower and their product those were installed in Grabefell were in very small percentage which means this can’t be happened due to our products.”

He further says that “I’m very well aware of the fact that nothing is going to be changed with the victims and those who were lost their lives in the tragedy. Hence I would also like to guv e a thank you to Grenfell United for their offer to set a meet-up with us so that we could easily learn or understand better.”


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