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Grandpa Married Viral Video and Photos: 61-Year-Old Grandpa and 19-Year-Old Girl from Cirebon


Grandpa Married Viral Video and Photos: 61-Year-Old Grandpa and 19-Year-Old Girl from Cirebon: Instagram has been taken by storm by a video shared by an unverified user. The viral video is about a grandpa marrying a teenager. The old man has created a buzz on the internet by marrying a teenage girl. Since this video has gone viral people are speculating about their ages. However, we have done a deep study on it and extracted some important aspects of this happening for you. You are advised to stick with this page for a while and read all the sections to become educated on this viral clip. In the further given sections, we have discussed their unconventional marriage. Kindly scroll down the page to take a peek at the below. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Grandpa Married Viral Video and Photos

Grandpa Married Viral Video and Photos

The old man is said to be a grandfather and he has crossed 60 years of age. It is certain the old man might be in his 60s while the girl who married the 61 years old man is known to be just 19 years of age. What is the match between the two? There is a huge gap in the ages of the newly married couple. According to the reports, minimum 40 years age gap is there between the two. But who shared the video of their marriage? Fetch this in the further given particular.

61-Year-Old Grandpa and 19-Year-Old Girl from Cirebon

The video which is creating a huge buzz on social media was posted by a user available with the username @viral_medsos on Instagram. This news managed to arrest the people’s attention because of a significant age gap between the groom and bride. According to the source, the old man reportedly gave a dowry of more than 500 million Rp. Moreover, the groom was also gifted various expensive gifts such as a house. People are wondering what is the match between 61 years old and 19 years old but that is the way cookie crumbles sometimes.


It is also reported that the groom and bride both are happy with this marriage and age ga[p could not resist them to get married to each other. No barrier could resist them. But who is the old man? We have found that the man who married an19 years old girl is a wealthy landlord and he is identified as Sondani. But the identity of 19 years old girl is not known to us. But we are relentlessly working on this happening and will surely give you an update. Stay tuned to this page.

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