India recently there is a news coming from the Indian market industry as the Indian ED tech consortium is in the news on Saturday as released the statement that they are committed to protecting every aspect of consumer rights and consumers demands and interests and it has so far resolved hundred percent cases related to complaints that are registered till June and also on the front foot play for future. As in the recent meeting of the consumer affairs ministry and ED tech firms with the IEC. Follow More Update On


ICE Indian regulating body which comes under the ages of internet and mobile association of India IAMAI and it has created a two-tier mechanism that is working in way of two stages for severe and non-severe or initial and the advance mechanism that will letter and activity monitor which also registered complaints of any kind of misleading activity and the IEC said that all the issues that have been registered so far by the IEC has been resolved completely till June 2022 very ready to take further actions

also, It is in the news that the Internet education sector is an extremely important and dynamic platform in nature and this is why it is raising new challenges every day coming and also providing an important service that is the basic need of every individual but does whatever the services they provide bugs or found everywhere and here also that is why I EC is proactively doing certain measures for the development of a healthy eco-system in the coming time and this will provide an E-education consumers rights protection against any kind of misleading activity as the retired Supreme Court judge and chairman of independent grievances

As the Internet education platforms or on the news and complaints register because of their activities to generate funds with a misleading challenge as on a serious note misspelling course to the parents by the educational technological forms like by Jews and its tributary companies which are self-regulating and working companies and complaints registered by the regulatory authorities of Indian EDtech consortium EC on Saturday passed a circular and said in the statement that it is committed to protecting the consumers and will follow its Phil Phil duty hundred percent as the ministry pulls out online education firms during the meeting.


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