For the past few weeks, Google’s Pixel 6 is in the gossip and people are searching about this. The device will be available in the market at the end of this year and various attributes have been already divulged or hinted at. As per the sources, it has been stated that the search giant is doing a new experiment with Google’s Pixel 6 and the users will get a new feature in this gadget. The gadget is experimenting with a new feature in which the may the users will get UWB connectivity or ultra-wideband for the Pixel 6 line.

Google's Pixel 6

Yes, you are assuming right. The feature is very similar to the feature of Apple iPhones. The UWB is the equivalent tech available in Apple’s iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 smartphones. Not only this AirTags Bluetooth tracker is also available in this gadget. Most of you know the benefit of this feature but for those who don’t know about this, the benefit of this wireless connectivity tech is making a safe connection with a gadget rapidly but only for the near range devices.

The news is confirmed by the XDA Developer’s Mishaal Rahman on his Twitter handle. In his tweet, he mentioned that Google is currently working on fetching UWB support to a forthcoming device and the codenamed is given “Raven”. According to them this one of the devices from the Google Pixel 6 series. Along with this detail, another bug gossip in the tech market that another handset will launch apace with “Raven” is “Oriole”. These two are also informed to run on Google’s gossip Whitechapel GS101 chipset.

According to 9to5Google, it is also informed that the UWB hardware is being upgraded by Qorvo. Few clues on Google carrying UWB tech is renounced in open sources UWB code for the 12 Android. The code adjudges how far two UWB devices are put down from one another and at what angle they are being accumulated. Google’s Whitechapel SoC has been in the gossip for the last year. Whitechapel was a division of the company’s attempts to generate its own  SoC for the smartphones of Pixel and Chromebooks similar to Apple’s PowerMacs used in iPads, Mac computers, and iPhones. Now we will see when this Google Pixel 6 will be launched and at what price. We will soon update you with all the relevant information on upcoming features in handsets with their prices.


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