The dependency on technology is increasing in day-to-day life and the occurrence of the issue with the technology is also a common matter, as these are the results of many subjects like lack in proper knowledge to use, or the irrelevant use of technology for the concerned matter, and sometimes the fault in the machine or system error, as there are many social media platforms on which we perform the day to day life different operations as there are many options in terms of platforms for a particular matter but the most prominent and widely use to them are just a few as they have become the reliable and dependable as compared to other information sources available and from these types of platforms GOOGLE is one of the sources, Follow More Update On


Recently the giant search engine GOOGLE is a trusted and reliable search engine for the information required, and which helps people to find  the information that is required to come to light this request came as a letter and it s comprised with top signatories were Senator Mark Warner and Representative Elissa Slotkin as US lawmakers approached to the google for the proper action on the search engine as google is top leading google search engine and always gives accurate results but this latter seeks abortions rather than something “crisis pregnancy centers” which obstructs women from procedures as this later was sent to google on Friday,

The letter was made after a study conducted last week, by the non-profitable organization for counting digital hate the study was conducted in 13 states with laws that would ban abortion if it found 11 percent of results of a search for an abortion clinic near me or the abortion pill but some states were for centers that oppose abortion and as expected by the US supreme court overturns the landmark 1973 roe v. Wade ruling the legalizes nationwide as soon as this month. google replied as we are always looking for ways to improve the results to help people, and understand the dependency as how they feel with the wrong result of not having any result, as the latter was signed by the 14- senators and seven members of the US house of representatives all are democrats.

The study conducted resulted that 28% of google ads are anti-abortion centers and 37% of google maps, crisis pregnancy centers as some centers gave women inaccurate information on pregnancy which complicated their abortion process google should not result in the fake clinic for an abortion and google should stop the misleading results and show only appropriate results, also the search engine Google has previously dealt with other health concerns issues searches regarding suicide and sexual assault are topped on results the letter said some of the centers haS disclaimers but not all.


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