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Google Reaction On Supreme Court Ruling On Abortion Sent Email To Employees


The news is as there is a huge decision taken by the Supreme Court of the US on woman’s healthcare. this decision is circulating on the Internet it is making uproar and an atmosphere of calmness among the US citizens as the implementation is initiated by many other organizations having women employed in their organization also taking major steps according to the regulations which Supreme Court has recently passed. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Google’s chief of people so far officer Fiona Cecconi sent a long email self-scripted addressing its employees working in Google. on this recent activity in the US, now Google will join this drive for health care and support the Supreme Court‘s decision. she announced that Google also has an atmosphere comprising a woman and the Supreme Court of the USA has legalized abortion, being a matter of happiness for a woman and empowering women.

Sometimes women got pregnant and don’t find a way for abortion, as hospitals and other administrations are not authorized by the law but after this law of legal abortion. now US WOMEN have a solution to this problem, which is mostly phased by a woman, as a woman always finds it difficult in finding a facility that will provide a remedy for pregnancy. This law made abortion legal for human comfort which was previously claimed, abortion is a legal offense formed after the ROW and wade case of 1973.

As per the US Supreme Court’s recent change in the laws of the US constitution, the email sent to google’s official website comprises. this law recently has a deep root in society and it will bring a dramatic big change in the society and will bring a revolution in US society view in the future, As this lies for women’s empowerment and safety for their health. the employees of google can relocate without any justification if related to health conditions or any activity related to law and can apply for services on the official website.

Google considered man and woman equality, an important aspect of society saying it is very important and working on its administration system for making a better society, we are providing reproductive health care facilities across the platform considering issues will not affect the privacy of a woman and will keep the reproductive medicine record of a woman privet. promoting services on the company’s social media that can be reached by every individual.

In support of this US state new law, Google is announcing that the organization will introduce further plans of health insurance, that will provide a high-tech facility under the insurance cover that employees avail for themself. As Google will provide services to the employee at his desired place of living and planing on making transfer procedures of the organization considering as an important aspect.

The employer not having such a facility in his locality can be relocated for a period without asking for any explanation and in support of this Google circulated an overseas toll-free number that will provide any kind of support and information an individual ask for saying do not hesitate to learn from the Google community as these days the amendment in law the compony will talking actions on policies so that one can care for himself and people belonging.

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