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Google Meet Gets Picture-In-Picture Mode: How to use step-to-step guide


Recently there are many big and small technology-based organizations are making a big announcement on social media platforms and news channels over the internet and the current scenario look like the world are in a new era, as the technology is taking over every aspect of human needs and things are now more dependent on the technology and science. in accordance with the latest  and modified technology are coming companies are continuously modifying the equipment which they sell in the market so that they can make an edge over the competition and grow big and with this recent announcement the leading technology-based organization, a search engine giant, “GOOGLE” is in the news as this news is about the recent updates and modification it is making in the application about which you will learn below, Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Google Meet Gets Picture-In-Picture Mode

Google is a San Francisco-based organization it is a technology and innovation-oriented information search engine giant which is working as the world’s biggest search engine giving the results for the every desired query and also its other operation helping people in providing information on various aspects of the day to day needs like weather, traffic, maps, health, and other details, is now providing new functionality in its various tools and this modification it is now doing with its tool GOOGLE Meet, this tool is used for a video meeting with the other users as it provides a room which is jointly accessed by up to four video tiles of users in a meeting and it appears in a floating window on software’s dashboard for Android.

Google has announced recently that it will soon launch the modification of google meet with picture-in-picture (PiP) support, a feature that will be attached to multiple users in the video conference tool. this application user can now see up to four members in videos conference which earlier can only support a video conference between only two members, now in google meet update it will feature a picture-in-picture and this has also eased the process of meetings as multiple members can join and more things can be discussed which will simplify the conferencing experience. for users to access this new feature of Google Meet video call users should click right and select the option for conference mode that will convert the call into “picture-in-picture” mode which can b joined by up to the four members at a time and experience the new modification

Google meets “picture in picture” feature was previously announced in March 2022, but due to modifications for user friendly it took some time but at last arrived for the better, and with versatile features in Google Meet it appears that this new modification is more supported in the Chrome version by which is quite convenient as chrome is the widely used internet explorer as this is mentioned in the reports by officials.

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