Google Is About To Shut Down Android Auto Mobile App: This is to make you informed of the decision of Google to take down the Android Auto mobile application. Since Google started promoting and focusing on google assistance it has stopped paying attention to the Android Auto mobile application. Now it is going to shut down the app. Google has announced that it is going to pull the plug on a mobile app known as Android Auto. However, the tech giant Google has only announced to shut down only the mobile version of Android Auto which means the OS version will remain working. There are still various queries related to the Android Auto app so don’t skip any section to get all the noteworthy information. Here we have discussed a lot of points related to this headline. Shift down and have a look below. Follow More Update On


As the mobile version of Android Auto for phones has been announced to take down by the company people are being catered to with ample questions. However, the app is still working but it will stop in the few upcoming days. If you open the app right now then things will not perform like before. And if you will open the older version of the Android Auto app then you might get a message, quoted, “Android Auto for mobile screens will stop functioning soon”. If there is an official date for the shut down of the mobile version of the Android Auto app?

Google has made it clear that the mobile users will not be able to access the Android Auto app in the coming days but it has not made it clear when this app will be taken down completely. However, the users are currently using the app. But what after the shut down of Android Auto? Is there any alternative to the app? You will get to read this in the next section.

Google released a statement to address its customers, the statement reads, “for the users of Android Auto that the experience is not going anywhere and in fact, we announced big user interference improvement at Google I/O”. The statement further reads, “those who use Android Auto mobile version will be transitioned to the driving mode of Google Assistant which is the brand new development of the mobile driving experience.” The statement only released these details but the exact date of Android Auto mobile app’s shut down is yet to be announced.


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