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Google Facing Lawsuit Over A Religious Sect


The dependency on technology is increasing in day-to-day life and the occurrence of the issue with the technology is also a common matter as there are many social media platforms where we perform the day-to-day life different operations as there are many options in terms of platforms for a particular matter but this is the most prominent and widely used, become reliable and dependable as compared to other information sources available and from them GOOGLE is the top sources, but this time google is suited for a different reason that shocked people as it is a trusted and reliable search engine for the information required, and which helps people to find the information that is required to come to light for a little different reason, continue reading for full detail information. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


This recent event of a lawsuit against it regarding a religious group, but it may sound a little odd for a giant organization to have a lawsuit against it for such a matter but it is true a Google contractor, Kevin Lloyd is a previously employed contractor, working on a project is terminated as he filed the case against the google. Kevin Lloyd was hired for the job of making a video and producing other supporting elements for the google developer studio GDS, which he is working on but terminated from the contract as  Kevin Lloyd accused the organization of forcing an inappropriate level of influence on the working environment and employees of a religious cult called “FELLOWSHIP OF FRIENDS”  in the premises of google developing studio GDS.

Kevin Lloyd in his lawsuit against google put a series of allegations against the google and contracting agency ASG and sought compensation for the damage due to the wrong termination from the job, retaliation, mental and emotional stress, and a failure to protect him against discrimination. in his lawsuit, he also added other matters describing the matter as he was wrongly fired from his position when he opposed such behavior and also serious allegations that his 12 fellows and close relatives working for google developer studio, Google paid for the installing high tech sound system in the there houses of the team member who are working in the team as sound designer and google business unit developer studio, head Peter Lubbers is a long term fellow member of “fellowship of friends”

Fellowship of friends is a religious group that promotes that high-level of consciousness can be achieved by embracing fine arts and culture, it’s owing to an area of 1200 acres in Oregon house in California, and google official spokesperson Courtenay Mancini, said we take the employment and supplier policy seriously and stand against, and to prevent against any kind of discrimination and against injustice as it is against law to force religious affiliation for the people who work for the google, and will look into the matter and if any evidence found this proving necessary actions will be taken.

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