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Google Faces Antitrust Complaint By Danish Job Search Rival


There is a piece of NEWS as shocked everyone coming from the world’s biggest and most used search engine Google which is a tech-based organization having its roots around the globe for its services in different innovations and modifications of technology. the news is related to the recent event which shocked everyone and people want to know about why Google is facing an anti-trust complaint filed against it from a similar type of search engine named Danish jobs, a search engine that shows the result on the basis of job. Danish jobs is an online job search engine that complained against google to European regulators seeking support for obligating Google as the alphabet’s search engine google of playing unfairly and favoring its own search engine on results for online jobs search. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


The danish job search engine files an antitrust complaint to the European regulator agency, the European Union EU antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager, about the internet and cyber-related problems. online jib-search rivals seeking an investigation of the services provided by google as google for jobs, this is not the first time when such a case is brought to light for Google for jobs, three years before another such case was filed, the company made a shoutout for investigation and in recent such cases the search engine Google has been fined several times and in total around 8 billion euros USD8.4 billion, by authorities agencies regulating law and order in European union for making a fair business-competition, has

Since then the EU antitrust agencies are aware of this matter and well aware of the concerns regarding search-related favoring conduct, and the rules and regulation terms are amended many times in recent years by the regulators and brought to action for the equality and better business ways for online sector providing online jobs result. neither the European union commission nor the search engine Google has passed any recent statement for the search allegations and about the complaint danish jobs filed, for distrust against Google, on the requests of their opinion for this suit on social media platforms tagging google, danish jobs, and EU regulators.   

Complaints in the year 2018 google produce and brought to the European market among the job seekers a platform providing services online as google for jobs. which is highly viral around the social media as it is seen as a high competition potential and rival online jobs platforms pushed a wave of criticism on online platform for job facility by Google as google for jobs. At that time 23 startups are highly active websites in the online jobs consultancy sector and all of them accused google of losing business from the market after the giant online search giant had used its market search engine presence to push its new business.

Google service attaches the addresses of all the collaborative posts that other websites upload and use tools that allow its users to filter, save and get notifications, and using the potential and efforts of other platforms’ to come up with the latest updates regarding jobs, google displayed it on its platform which cut down the need for candidates to use another platform. Jobindex founder and CEO, Kaare Danielsen accused google of free riding as google was involved in marketing and promoting ads on behalf of Jobindex’s business partners, which involves the privacy risk to job applicants and clients.

Added that till google for jobs was launched, Jobindex has already collected the largest data on jobs in its database and the highest number of clients in Denmark, but google sucked the credits from the highly competitive websites like Danish jobs and job index. In a matter of time after the introduction of Google for jobs in the market, other online popular platforms like danish jobs and Jobindex lost 20% of search traffic against the newly introduced platform by using the search engine optimizing tools online to appear as the first website for job search results and credits by joining links for results to filter the job news and come as top-ranking by search engine optimization by keywords on the result page.

It is now more difficult for recruiters and job seekers to reach out to the desired needs as the reliable sources are not shown by Google on the front page and this not only affects the marketing of online platforms of job providers but also directly puts an impact on the workforce market, which is a matter of concern as the economy depends upon the workforce and asked the authorities to prevent google from doing such anti-competitive practices and imposing the payment for compensation.

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