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Google Committed To Resolving Copyright Dispute In France Over Online Content


Tech giant GOOGLE continues maintaining goodwill with the news publishers and agencies and filling its commitment in proceeding to resolve the recent steered issue in France for a copyright claims from the various news agencies and news publishers including names of many big news sources like AFP, Le Monde, Le Figaro, and libration, as the demand more revenue as accusing google is having online traffic because of exploitation of its news experts but profits are not shared with them in a reasonable way and on this matter of contention authorities passed there statement on Tuesday, addressing google, as the authorities of France maintaining law regulation, surround google with the allegations and making the pressure over google to give more share of profits that it earns from the ad’s selling to the users. as the revenue it generates is very high but debarred the news sources and publishers of the share. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Google-owned by alphabet id finally agreed and drop the appeal avoiding the contention with the legal agencies and issued an amount of 500 million euros, USD 528 million as the compensation against the appeal and the authorities ended the investigation in favor of the international press, as the demand for more shares from social media platforms like Google and Facebook is a matter of heat these days but google ensures the terms of negotiation as this case will not impact the search page and policies or any kind of modification in rules. the three-year-old appeal is again triggered by France news organizations.

Rules in favor of international press demanding more shares from google and Facebook tech giants but rules will be closely examined by European authorities and as the news publishers had argued for the google ads sales online were a result of the content that is created by news experts for online news sources like google and google is debarring them from profits at the time of declined print sales in the news market as people prefer reading news online more than buying a printed copy, and big news agencies like AFP, Le Monde, Le Figaro, and libration have since announced separate deals with google which are confirming this copyright law, terms of the deal are not revealed Google, but it is claimed by a France blog post that Google has an agreement with more than 150 press publications.

This google respond to that as google signed several deals with such channels and is now rejecting all claims and saying it is the search engine responsible for web traffic, news publisher has shared a significant no of internet users to news website and they are generating their own ad-based revenue, but Google continues to work on signing more agreement with certified french publishers and news agencies, to support journalism in France, google agreed to pay $76 million over the issue to 121 French news publishers to end copyright matter.

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