Google Authenticator Removes Click To Reveal Pin Feature: Recently the tech giant Google is in the news as the search engine is the largest in the world and gives the most accurate result all the commands given as the search engine giant is involved in many other technical aspects also in the global market like software developing and innovating and providing security services and also now Google is involved in 5G spectrum in India and also in making phones for its own brand Google’s as merging with Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani and also many other projects are on the platform to launch, Google recently bring news regarding its latest update for its Android smartphone applications users that will ease of the standard procedure for its users continue reading below for more details and subscribe to Follow More Update On


Recently Google has announced a software update of its product on social media platforms and the news is going viral around the globe over the internet and floating in also in the news headlines as news regarding the authentication removal click that is previously there on android phones and users that will reveal pin feature for latest updates now Google authenticator V5.20R4 got a click button to reveal its pin features on the platform as Google authenticator removing the click of revealing pin features with the latest update it is in the news for this recent change and it is reported that this feature will be practice from me for the version 5.20.

Googles this new feature that is added to its App Store is that to FA code it means to facto authentication the users commands on Google play regarding the latest changes that Google made in its App Store or very encouraging and motivating users to have an android Device now as the feature added a very high security two factor authentication requirement in 2022 May Google released this update for its authentication applications to allow Byley users and it will allow user to maintain and make changes according to his comfort in the account belongs particular user in his name and to manage account security keys will easily made by the users to switch to a different phone or login to his account from a different device Google authentication version 5.10 on android allowed user to transfer their two FA or two factor verification code to their phone number that is linked with the account and he migrated his data and his phones information to the new device entire process is done through a verification with the code 2 SV.


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