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Golden Retriever Siberian Husky Puppy Viral on TikTok: Dog Owner’s ‘Accidentally’ Had A Puppy


Golden Retriever Siberian Husky Puppy: Not all the accidents are bad, they have been some of the incidents or the accidents which might have to fetch something good and exciting for you. And same happens with the owner of the two most beloved pet dogs of hers. Both dogs bring something which she never even thought of. She is the owner of a Siberian husky and golden retriever. She is now a famous owner of her dogs as she posted one of the videos of her both dogs. Follow More Updates On Get India News

Golden Retriever Siberian Husky Puppy

Golden Retriever Siberian Husky Puppy

There is an adorable cross breed making the rounds on TikTok if the users who are reading this haven’t seen the golden retriever with Siberian Husky, it has been stated by Cori Baker that her two pets accidentally performed sexual practices together which has resulted in this. It is no surprise that the puppy has gone viral on the internet, the video has over 5 Million likes and the video has gathered 18n million views, it has to be said that the pooch has become an internet sensation, the first post of the puppy was posted in the month of July but it seems like that he is blowing up now.

She shared this video on the most popular video streaming app Tik Tok. Sometimes we missed the actions of our pets when they were indulged in performing a bit of mischief and this leads to missing something so unexpected. Something like this also happens with Cori Baker the owner of two dogs. But luckily she noticed it and caught them in her camera. And she took to Tik Tok her she passed an announcement about her dogs. She posted the fiesta video and called a so-called accident of her two dogs.

In a video, she asked, “whether your guts have been ever seen golden retriever x husky?” A video has been deceived into two parts. In the first one, we can see two different breeds are got mesmerized to see their owner and in the next part we will get to see a puppy. Which is so appeared like a Simmba in Lion King. well, these two dogs conceived a mixed pup. And this is something so interesting as they get a news breed after their X. The puppy has a fluffy black and brown critter.


This video is getting viral and so trending on social media. It has been crossed millions of views and still to be count. The user has been commented in the comment section of the video. One of the comments reads, “Well it doesn’t seem accidental as both knew what were they involved in and the baby is so cute.”

There are numerous tweets also. A tweet reads, “the pup is so damn cute I could even die for him.” Well as per the dog time the new breed which births with the mix of two different breeds is called Goberian. This breed is so loving, friendly, and energetic in nature. Internet is going so excited o this and owner of dogs is receiving numerous messages on Tik Tok.

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