Home News Gogglebox Star Georgia Bell Pregnant: Announces She’s Pregnant

Gogglebox Star Georgia Bell Pregnant: Announces She’s Pregnant


Gogglebox Star Georgia Bell Pregnant: There is news scattering about Georgia Gogglebox’s pregnancy. but it is yet to be confirmed as there have been many other celebrities dragged in it too. Some of their fans are so impatient that they post anything about their favorite celebrations and use it to make it viral. So her pregnancy might be a rumor also but for confirmation, you must have to be stay tuned to our article. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Gogglebox Star Georgia Bell Pregnant

Gogglebox Star Georgia Bell Pregnant

Georgia Bell was on the show in which h she reveals something so amusing which made jer fans excited. As she shared the sweetest and cutest Moment with Abbie Lynn on the show, she made to be announced the heartbeat of her baby for the very first time. She revealed about her pregnancy in January with her boyfriend Josh Newby and this was the precious money for her.

Becoming another for the first time is the best feeling which takes a lady to the top of the world. Giving birth and bringing a new would to this world is the best god gift that women have. This is the most awaited moment for any of the ladies in this world. The episode has been telecasted on Friday, there was the best conversation about friends sitting n the sofa and Georgia showed a plush elephant to Abbie, cautioning her to the baby’s heartbeat.

When Abbie was on the sofa asked, “is the heartbeat sound is of the baby?” On this Georgia replied that “Like a seriously, that’s the  baby’s heartbeat.” Later Abbie added, “is this going inside you now?”

Whereas the response from Georgia is, “Yeah, that was the first time we had ever heard the heartbeat.”

A clip of their conversation is getting viral and made the fans of Georgia are to be discussed on it. The official page of C4 Gogglebox shared this clip to their Twitter account in which you guys can overhear their conversation.

There are the flossed of several comments and sections for her fan in the comment section of the clip.

One Gogglebox fan replied to the news, penned, “Aww this is so sweet to hear this, it is such amazing news, all I want to sya is Godbless her and a happy and safe delivery.”

Another viewer wrote: “Congratulations first time you hear your baby’s heartbeat best feeling ever.”

Stay tuned to the same.

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