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Who are Christopher And Stephanie and what was their cause of death? Go Big Show star dead


Go Big Show Christopher And Stephanie Obituary and Death Cause Details: Unfortunately, Kirkwood Peter and Stephanie Cirba have passed away together on January 20, 2022. Both were 81-year-old soulmates who enjoyed dancing, traveling, playing sports games, and dining locally. Once you met them, both will definitely leave a lasting impression on you. Stephanie is survived by her son Elliott D. Reitz II daughter Melissa V Jim Schmidt grandchildren Alexandrea Reitz Adam Witbeck, Chelsea Schmidt great-grandson Jonah Witbeck and 2 generations of her Brazilian family whom she sponsored through ChildFund. Originally, Stephanie from the Pittsburgh PA area completed her graduation from Clarion College with her unknown degree and Slippery Rock University with her MS degree in Elementary Education. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Go Big Show Christopher And Stephanie

Go Big Show Christopher And Stephanie

Stephanie was a well-known and reputed educator in the Johnson City School District for 42 years and a volunteer at Vestal Hills Elementary School also called Classy Grammy who made learning fun. When she walked into the room children knew something good about what was going to happen in the room. She was also served with the Johnson City Senior Center, Red Hat Society, Parlor City Hat Club, Susquehanna Sweethearts, German Club, and various spiritual groups and also a Master Gardener.

Stephanie was a shopper who always wore shining clothes or good-looking earrings. She had positive attitudes with everyone she met and loved to entertain others and her family and friends also. Not a single day has come in her life when she has celebrated a party without balloons and without decorations. Mostly, she loves to watch the movie of Hallmark, Ancient Aliens, or making snowmen with her husband named Peter which is 30 years. Peter was predeceased by his parents, John and Ruth Cirba, sister Jane and brother Lee Cirba. He is survived by his brother named Paul (Lois), sister Lucy (Don) Baker, and sister-in-law Susan Cirba. Nieces and nephews Jamey (Sara), Jennifer (Emil) Valio, Kim (Steve) Hope, Karen Vital, Sara (Chris) Fratton, John (Laura) Cirba, Melissa (Ray) Berube, and many grand nieces and nephews.

Peter loved to play baseball and played and sometimes he played Little League and by playing one year he achieve the title of MVP. He loved to watch Big Game Hunting trips  and went on many safaris. He achieved many trophies if you go his home you will see that the wall is filled with full of trophies. His dreams is always big and sometimes beyond the limits which he himself didn’t know that he could achieve or not. He loves to watch the car racing and by judging through his passion he became a racer himself.

A sudden demise of a couple is making the headlines, we are talking about Peter J. & Stephanie N. Cirba. Both passed away together on 20 January 2022. A relationship between husband and wife is so amazing and precious. In this relationship, there has been several hopes and expectation. While this is the best and most loving relationship on this earth. Hence Peter J. & Stephanie N. Cirba have been proved it. Thye was tied the knot to each other and was meant to be of it as they spent their entire life together with a lot of happiness.

They were 81 years old and they proved the couple’s goals and they even represent the world that how living and this relation is. You married needs to give and take those who follow it know how beautiful it is. They were the true soulmates and both were enjoyed dancing and sinning locally. They were amazing and knows how to handle emotions and life together. So those who met them in their life then they must have left their lasting impression on you. Both of them were survived by her children.

How did Peter J. & Stephanie N. Cirba lose their life?

So both the husband and wife were lost their lives in a horrifying incident., There was a fire in their house after which the police reach the place, and they later identified two bodies those were of  Peter J. & Stephanie N. Cirba. New York State Police at Binghamton stated that the couple was in the house at the time of the incident and no one else was there to help them. When the troopers were reached there they fud that the house had been completely engulfed in it. The flames of the fire were so high and it took time to extinguish them by the firefighting team.

When Police got to know about the couple?

Once the fire was under the control and completely extinguished by fire crews, the entire fireteam and police deceased two individuals. So after an investigation, they get to know that they were Peter J. & Stephanie N. Cirba. o the cause of death of the late couple was due to the fire in their house. They were the victim of the blaze and lost their life. For more information, you must have to keep some more patience as the investigation is still going on.

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