Home News Is Gloria Romero Dead or Alive? Filipina actress Death Hoax Debunked

Is Gloria Romero Dead or Alive? Filipina actress Death Hoax Debunked


Is Gloria Romero Dead or Alive? Filipina actress Death Hoax Debunked: Rumors are floating on the headlines these days about the old-time actress Gloria Romero who was a very popular actress of the era, rumors claim Gloria Romero that she has passed after getting infected with the novel corona virus-19  and a well-known personality is struggling and some of them even claim that she is already passed. well here is the truth and it is that Gloria Romero absolutely fine and staying with her family as she is grown quite old as the year passes but as claimed it is all false. Follow More Updates On GetIndiaNews.com

Gloria Romero

Is Gloria Romero Dead or Alive?

She was born on 16th December 1933, and currently running in her 88th year at her native place in Filipino actress performed with her eye-catching style in many super hit movies and television shoes which made her a very popular actress of her era, throughout her career she gave may award-winning performances like Gloria Romero’s film Tanging Yaman for which she was awarded by  FAMAS best actress award in the year 2001 and Nagbabgang Luha for best-supporting actress in the year 1989 also win the award again in 1955 for Dalagang Ilocano. and as she grew ad came into the league of senior actors she was also given an award for her career so far as a lifetime achievement award from the official movie and television review board.

Gloria Romero Death Hoax Debunked

Gloria Romero debuted from movie Ang Bahay Sa Lumang Gulod the movie produced by premiereproductions. then after she signed a contract with Sampaguita Pictures which is owned by her uncle Nario Rosales,  series named Madame X in the year 1952, she was given the role of the daughter of Cesar Ramirez and Alicia Vergel, her name in that series was Gloria Romero, she appeared is Monghita in the year 1952 as a lead actress and she was opposite Oscar Moreno. Gloria Romero is awarded many titles but most of them she were given in the Filipino Academy of motion arts and science, where she also won an award as best actress for her role in Dalagang Ilocano  in the year1954.

As she has a career full of laurels and awards for her killing looks and mesmerizing performance such news associating with such a big personality is kind of disrespectful and people who create such rumors should always keep in mind that god is watching everything as loved once after knowing this rumor started calling and reaching her as these rumors claimed to b false after confirmation and her fans are posting posts to stop spreading false news as it is disturbing to there sentiments and respect for Gloria Romero.

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