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Girl Planet 999 Debut Lineup: All eliminated Contestants


‘Girls Planet 999’ semi-finals: All eliminated Contestants: On Sunday, 15th October 2021, The semi-finals of Mnet Girls Planet 999 and 3rd round of examinations were conducted. The 18 semi-finalists were shortlisted and they will fight for a spot in the top 9 to debut. Though 8 contestants were eliminated in the semi-finals. Shocked admirers expressed their disappointment and unhappiness on Twitter. The semi-finals of Mnet’s Girls Planet 999 and 3rd round of eliminations took place in the 11th episode. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Girls Planet 999

‘Girls Planet 999’ semi-finals Eliminated contestants

The 3rd voting period round was conducted between 24th September 2021 and 9th October 2021. Fans had the option of selecting one contestant from each group- K group hails from Korea, C group hails from China, and J group hails from Japan. Following the O.O.O group mission, the evicted contestants were unveiled. In total, 8 contestants were evicted.

1 Cai Bing- Defensibly, the most shocking eviction in Girls Planet 999 was of C-Group participant, Cai Bing. She was attained in the top 9 three times and yet she defeats in the semi-finals, ranking the lowest amongst all. Several admirers claim Mnet’s editing gave the watcher the wrong perspective. They claim the Chinese translations were mistranslated or that the firm is back to rigging votes.


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2 Chen Hsin Wei- One more distressing eviction is of Chen Hsin Wei, lovingly and cutely called WeiWei. She was called upon as a contender for the seventeen places but fell the shortage of votes and could not make it in. People loved her presentation in Ice Cream.

3 Ikema Ruan- The member of J-Group Ikema Ruan was another evicted participant that broke the hearts of the fans. Judges saved her journey in the 5th Episode with a Planet Pass and she kept on better, making hearts flutter with her dance moves and expressions. Her overall rank was 19th.

Kamimoto Kotone- One more upsetting Girls Planet 999 eviction was J-Group’s Kamimoto Kotone. She was saved from the eviction in the 8th episode with a Planet Pass but ultimately did not rank high enough to rank in the top 17.

5 Kishida Ririka- The 3rd J-group member to be evicted was Kishida Ririka. She was a contender for JYP Entertainment and Sony Music Entertainment Japan’s Nizi Project in the year 2020.

May (Cherry Bullet member)– May is the 2nd Cherry Bullet to be evicted from Girls Planet 999, after Huh Jiwon. Admirers have their own separate reasons as they claim they did not get any screentime as compared to others, especially May, who reached this far with no benefits or no passes, pure talent but even 0 compliments.

7 Nagai Manami- Nagai Manami is one of the favorite contestants who last her place by 3 ranks. Her overall rank was 20th. She win the hearts of the audiences and made them fall in love with her brilliant rap skills in Woo Won Jae’s mission presentation “We Are”.

Zhou Xin Yu- The group member of C-Grouped is ranked 22nd and is the last contestant to be evicted from Girls Planet 999.

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