Home News Girl Arrested For Stealing Chain Of Dead Body Video Goes Viral Explained!

Girl Arrested For Stealing Chain Of Dead Body Video Goes Viral Explained!


There has been a case of two teenagers who have been arrested as they have posted a video of themselves stealing a necklace from a dead body which they discovered. the name of the teenager is Bethany Martin who is 17 years old and her friend who is 16 years old found a dead body in drainage which they found last Monday and this has been stated by Bexy County Sheriff’s office which has been stated by PEOPLE. The girls have now stated, they were walking a neighborhood which has been recently developed as they spotted something unusual as they saw the drainage ditch after which they got curious and went to see what seems unusual to them which has been stated by the authorities.

Girl Arrested For Stealing Chain Of Dead Body Video

Girl Arrested For Stealing Chain Of Dead Body Video

As they found the body, they called up a male friend as he came to join them at the scene before they informed the Police and the guy was later identified as a 25-year-old naming Marcus Adams and his death has been ruled out as suicide and the family of the lost soul has set up a GoFund me page for the expenses of the funeral. Police have further stated, after the body of the guy was found, later that day the office of Sherrif was made aware of a video which is being circulated on the internet as it is being seen, a 17-year-old who is removing jewelry from the neck of the dead which has been told by PEOPLE.

Sherrif stated if he wouldn’t have seen the video he wouldn’t have believed what he saw, the name of the Sherrif is Javier Salazar who has told this to KENS-5. Martin has been arrested on Tuesday and has been charged as an adult with felony theft from human grave or corpse and she has been released on a bail of $2000 which has been stated by the Police, even the 16-year-old is facing the same charges but she is being considered as juvenile and is not being named because of obvious reasons.

And there was no Attorney which was easily being found for Martin, it has been further stated by Sherrif, he can’t believe these teens were laughing off over the death of someone, and on top of that, they were stealing stuff which is just a shame to see.

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