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Gina Krasley Cause Of Death: My 600-Lb. Life Star Gina Krasley Dies at Age 30


It has been a year since Gina Krasley died at the age of 30, before she died she sued the production company of ‘my 600 lb life’ which she did one year before she died. she sued the company which was behind the TLC reality series as she stated she was emotionally distressed because of them and she is just one of the people who have sued the production company. the company has been sued nine times by the other castmates who were a part of the show for some of the other reasons as they have been accused of inflicting emotional distress and their total negligence to how they are treating the castmates which have been stated in the court records.

Gina Krasley Cause Of Death

Gina Krasley Cause Of Death

company has even attempted to dismiss these cases, a judge has ruled out in the month of May 2020 as to consolidate most of the suits into one parent suit which has been requested by the cast members and this is stated in the court records. it has been stated in the lawsuit of Krasley, the company completely failed to go through a psychological evaluation, the company also didn’t provide an adequate service for mental health issues as they were filming her and this is according to Starcasm as they were the first to report about the lawsuit.

The post has already reached Megalomedia and TLC for a comment and the attorney naming Buzbee who is the represented of the plaintiffs has refused to comment on the situation. the late Krasley also mentioned how the production house completely failed to train their employees for depression and they didn’t even tell her about the risk of suicide which can come following extreme diets to lose weight. she has also claimed in the suit which she filed, the company was negligent in many of the aspects as she stated they were trying to inflict more distress to her to make their show more interesting.

She also stated she had to eat a lot of food to fill the perspective of the show of eating food and not following her diet. If the claims are true then it is a shame that the production house was using the castmates as a pig to gain views and ratings, the least ehy could have done is to get them into a weight loss program and help be in touch with them if they need any kind of assistance and should have provided them with proper counseling in order for them to not get depressed.

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