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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Written Update 7th May 2021: Sai and Pakhi Big Fight!


The episode begins with Pakhi will be seen taunting Sai that “I thought you will not come here to meet Virat but you are shameless.’ Where says to get that I think you are ill Pakhi, as you forget what we were discussed yesterday. We talk that only Virat will be going to decide who will be going to stay with him and if he will tell me to eave then I will definitely going to leave from here.”

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

Virat overhears their conversation and he calls Sai in his ward but Pakhi doesn’t let Sai go inside. Pakhi yells at Sai and Sai warns her to not repeat such behavior again to her. While Virat again calls Sai and he falls down later Sai realizes that he nightfall and she rushes to his room where she finds him on the floor and she gets her seeing him like this. Later she makes him lie on the bed and makes him comfortable. Sai tries to take care of him and she gets emotional seeing him like this.

Sai asks Virat “how are feelings.” Virat says “I want fine but now I’m absolutely fine as you are here with me.” After this, we will see that both become romantic holding each other hand and looking into their eyes. Meanwhile, Pakhi comes there, she gets jealous when she use to see them together. Sai says to Pakhi “thanks for look after Virat hence now I’m here to take care of himself and you may leave now. I’m his wife and better take care of him.”

Later Sai sits next to Virat and he asks him whether he is handsome or not. Sai says that “you are handsome but not like a celebrity.” Virat says may I know the difference of what you have said. Later they use to talk to each other a lot and laugh together. On the other, we will see that Pakhi is getting jealous of Sai and Virat giving time to each other. To watch the full episode set on Satr Pus Channel.


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