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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein,17th April 2021, Written Update: Sai Leaves Virat Forever?


In the first scene of the episode, Pakhi and Bhawani are having a conversation as Bhavani states that the whole house respects Pakhi and they will never try to insult her feelings but then Ashwini disagrees with her stating that everyone in the house insults her because of which not a single person respects her in the house. They do it because she can be open about things and can confront anyone who is being unreasonable which is why she is unlikeable in the house to which Sonali replies that the reason that she doesn’t like Pakhi is that she has to always yell at her about stuff.

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein

Ninad enters the situation and confronts that he has no interest to see a Mahabharat scene early in the morning. He further stated that it’s his house and there is no need for making it a wrestling ring. She also loves Sai and one can never remove their memories that they have spent together.

He states that it was her duty to inform the truth because that is her responsibility to which Virat replies that he has no interest to see a new façade being created in the house. Virat is being ordered by Bhavani to teach her proper lesson to which the neighbors replied that how can this family even do this. In the next scene Sai says that IPS Virat Chavan who is the IPS officer who has cleared all the tough exams and has gone through some serious training, the anonymous letter stated that according to the investigation Pulkit has betrayed Devi as he has married someone else while being married to her and he kept her in a false world where he always stated that she is his only love and he is only married to her as he always stated but that was a complete lie.

Ashwini was desperately trying to stop her and they started asking the Chavan family about the misshapes that have taken place to which got really and started yelling at neighbors to their stupidity once in for all. She started telling neighbors that Virat is trying to separate Pulkit and Devi without having any single proof as neighbors started asking the family what proves they have as neighbor started giving her advice that she should file a complaint against the Chavan family to which Sai replied that she has no interest in complaining against her own family and suddenly Virat erupted stating that if their stupid drama is done with then they can leave respectfully rather than creating so much drama in our family. Virat started shouting that Sai is not in his senses, he is mentally unstable and desperately needs medical attention.

Neighbors started shouting that they know the ugly truth about the Chavan family and Sonali from behind started asking Bhavani to give the neighbors a fitting reply so as to not look stupid in front of the locality. Then they had a back and forth between the neighbors and themselves about the decision that the family has taken and they are trying to revolt against the family and Bhawani is getting worried because of that. Neighbors say that Sai is the one who is always worried about others and cares for other people’s happiness. Virat started asking Sai that is she happy that the whole neighborhood is spilling venom towards them because of her and Sai came in support of the neighbors and started saying that she completely agrees with the neighbors and the family is being exposed in public, she is in full support of the neighbors.

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