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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein, 5th June 2021, Written Update, Sai Accuses Virat Of Cheating Samrat!


The episode commences with Ashwini and Sonali as they both are talking about the party. Ninad comes to them and says that they should over this topic as Party is also over. Ashwini tells everyone that now Harini will often come her so everyone should know it. Suddenly, Sonali starts talking about the heir of the family who will give the heir to the family first. She says that as we know that Samrat is not at home so Virat and Mohit are two who need to think about this.

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

On this, Bhawani says that Mohit can’t take responsibility for his child so he will not plan his baby. Sai and Virat reach the house. Sonali says that now Virat and Sai are left then they should think about increase the family. Ashwini says that first, Sai will complete her education and get a job then only she will think about it. Bhavani taunts Sai saying if she gets a baby then she will be puzzled in between if she will ready her child or herself get ready for college. Sai goes from there. Karishma questions Virat about planning a child.


Pakhi says that it should be Virat’s decision when he wants to plan his baby. Virat says to them that it’s his and her personal decision or matter, there is no right for anyone to give their opinion about it. Sonali then says after marriage, everyone discusses this matter. He says thanks to everyone for coming to Harini’s birthday party. Virat leaves. He comes to his room and sees Sai on the floor sleeping. He asks her to come on the bed. He tries to defend himself when Sai says that he wants jus to prove himself a good person. Virat asks Sai what is his fault if his family members are talking about the child.

Sai says that she is upset thinking about the promise which he gave to Pakhi. She says that she can see that he is failing to fulfill it. Virender gets shocked hearing her and says that why she is thinking about this stupid matter. She says to him that sometimes she feels very bad for Samrat when he will return and get to know about his relationship with Pakhi, she will be shattered. They both have a small argument and Pakhi hears all this. Mohit and Ashwini talk about Sai. Pakhi brings milk for Virat but he refuses.

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