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Ghost Of Tsushima God Of War Armor: How to Unlock the God of War Armor at Shrine of Ash Ghost


As we saw the launch of Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s cut, fans are getting a hint on the legendary game naming God of War, DLC expansion has just released which has released alongside Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s cut which has made the end of the month pretty exciting for the fans who enjoy games. Ghost of Tsushima island of Iki has presented the players with some new features and mechanics which is about taming a variety of animals in the animal sanctuaries.

Ghost Of Tsushima God Of War Armor

Ghost Of Tsushima God Of War Armor

It seems like the game is being criticized as there have been many price point hike which is still happening and the players are not at all happy about this, it seems like it is totally up to fans if they agree with the hike in the price point as to the content which is in the game is worth it or not. and it seems like the fans have been finding out different easter eggs in the game and seem to be enjoying the refreshing content which has been added in the game.

People got really excited as they saw the easter egg and the reference of God of War in the Director’s cut of Ghost of Tsushima, the Easter egg was the ax which was embedded in a tree with a golden hand shining on the tree, this is the scenario which many players can remember from the game God of War’s latest version in which Kratos has a similar scene.

How to Unlock the God of War Armor at Shrine of Ash Ghost

It seems Santa Monica and Sucker Punch are being secretive about this and they are enjoying the curiosity which they have created about both of the games as they have included two games that have done really well in recent times and people seem to be pretty excited about the games but this is no official hint to anything as of now.

Who knows what is being planned by the production houses, there has been no official statement which has come from their side as of now, on the internet people are discussing the possible outcome of this and are speculating many things. the two games have been legendary in recent times and if they are going to have something to do with each other in the coming future then it is going to be pretty exciting to see how they are going to merge these stories.

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