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Ghim Moh fire: 80 evacuated, 2 injured, from Ghim Moh HDB block


Ghim Moh fire: A horrifying scene was spotted in Singapore which holds the breath of everyone. According to the reports, the family of 6 who was on quarantine order but along with their helper, run away from their flat as their neighbour’s unit below the Wanting to be known only as Mr Alfred, 40, the educator said they had to choose between running or suffocating in their home. Mr Alfred (wanting to be known by the name of Mr Alfred, 40-years-old, the teacher stated that they had select between suffocating or running in their home. Follow More Updates On Get India News

Ghim Moh fire

Ghim Moh fire

After the fire incident has happened, Mr Alfred, his wife along with three children and mother-in-law took the lift down and fled towards their neighbours who had collected at the foot of the building block. As per the sources, on Friday, 8th October 2021, a fire had bursted in a flat on the 14th storey of Blk 13 Ghim Moh Road at around 10:00 AM. After the fire, a cloud of thick black smoke was viewed which was coming from the unit.

Mr Alfred, who used to lives two storeys above the fire affected apartment, stated his family at first thought it was just someone burning odour. Soon after the smoke became unbearable. Then officers from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) immediately arrived and asked them to evacuate. Mr Alfred stated that “It was not ideal but after watching this fire incident and under the circumstances, we had no other choice left. The whole thing occurred fairly fastly as the smoke became dark very fast.”

He further said, “But even when we get away downstairs, we ensure that to keep and maintain a safe distance from everyone else as we are still on our last day of a Quarantine order.” He said that earlier their helper had tested positive for COVID-19, thus the quarantine order for the family. He said that over the past few days, they have been testing negative from the lethal virus.

SCDF stated that around 80 people were evacuated from the block. Fire control and firefighters had to force their way into the unit to quench the fire flames which involved the contents of the living room. After this fire incident, 2 women aged around 36 and 81, were admitted to the Singapore General Hospital with inhalation of smoke, whereas one person denied being admitted to the hospital. How the fire broke out is not known yet and investigators are trying to find out the cause of the fire.

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