Genshin impact has been one of the best games and the most popular in recent time and it seems like that the craze for the game is endless as the makers are coming up with new updates every now and then, and it seems like that the forthcoming version is going to contain many of the new aspects and some of the facts are that the new update is going to contain Aloy which is from Horizon Zero Dawn which is going to be a freebie, there is also going to be a PlayStation icon which is going to be in cute anime form having the trademark freckles and it has been sated that fishing is also going to be added.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact New Characters Release Date

The game is also interesting as the makers keep on introducing new characters which are pretty fun to play with and the reason that the interest of the players doesn’t get eliminated is the fact that they are elevating that game every now and then by bringing new characters which are pretty fun to play with.

When Kokomi Banner Come Out

THE released date of the Kokomi banner has been stated to be 21st September and the leak has happened from a pretty reliable source which is Lumie but it should be stated that it is still subject to change and as it is being stated that if this date is decisive then we are also going to see Raiden Shogun and Kujou Sara who are going to be kickstarting the version on the 1st September, and it is also being stated that as the anniversary approaches on 28Th September which means that the fans are also going to be seeing three new characters that are going to be heroines.

Kokomi Abilities

The abilities have been told by the usual source which is Honey Hunter World, it is going to be having different attacks which are-

  • plunging attack – this is going to be amazing as this is going to damage all of the heroes who are going to be in her path as she is going to plunge towards the ground in mid-air.
  • charged attack- it is to consume a certain amount of stamina and is going to provide hydro damage with a short casting time.
  • normal attack- this is going to contain three attacks as the character is going to take a form of a swimming fish which is going to deal with hydro damage.



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