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General Hospital (GH) Spoilers and Preview Next Week updates!


General hospital is a soap opera and it is also listed in the Guinness World Book of Records as it is the longest-running show in production in the history of American soap opera as it is second to the show Guiding Light which is some achievement by a show, the genre of the series is soap opera, the show has been created by Frank Hursley and Doris Hursley, the soap opera has been written by Dan O’Connor, the show started off in the year 1963 and is still going strong, the show has been loved by the fans and over the years the soap opera has managed to create a fan base which is highly dedicated towards the show and the show has done wonders for the actors too as it has been running dor such a long time.

General Hospital

General Hospital (GH) Spoilers

We are here with the updates and spoilers of the show, it seems like that the relationship between Jason Morgan and Britt Westbourne is not at all over and there are speculations in the air that Britt is going to return as pregnant to Port Charles carrying the baby of Jason. it seems like that that Britt and Jason were running for their freedom and to get their lives back as they chose to get hooked up in Canada, they both weren’t planning to sleep together but it still happened and it seems like Jason is still having the hole from the incident when he saved the life of Britt in the hospital.

According to the spoilers and recaps it is being shown that Jason was the one who encouraged Britt to get a check-up as he felt that she is not well and it turns out that she is having the marker of Huntington’s disease after which she wanted to do nothing but to have peace after hearing that she is suffering from such a disease and it’ll be shown that Jason is the one who always reaches his limits to help others and that is not a Jason movie when he ends up in a bed with someone.

So who knows where this relationship is going to go which wasn’t even there in the first place and it is going to be exciting for the audiences to see that how is this chemistry is going to work between them and will Jason know that he is going to be a father again which he is going to know after the one night stand that he did with Britt.

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