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GCW World Championship: Former WWE Star Matt Cardona Win Over Nick Gage Highlights


Impact Wrestling has been one of the most-watched wrestling themes that people have been loving in recent times and it seems like that the downfall of WWE has worked in their favor and people are curious about the matches that are going to be happening in the entertainment industry of wrestling.

Matt Cardona

GCW World Championship

if we talk about GCW, it seems like that there former WWE champ and the current star of the impact wrestling star Matt Cardona has defeated Nick Gage as he has won the main event and has become the GCW champion, Gage was holding the title for about 100 days and it seems like that he has been dethroned by Matt Cardona.

Matt Cardona Win Over Nick Gage In GCW World Championship

If we talk about the match then it has to be said that Gage was in full control throughout the match and Cardona even started bleeding, it seems like Gage used multiple tubes of light as he was hitting Cardona with a bunch of them and was also using a pizza cutter throughout the match to slow down Cardona and it has to be said that he was pretty successful in doing so as he was controlling the match for the most part.

There was also some drama as the theme song of Chris Jericho started playing in between the match but it seems like that hooded figure that came out as the theme song played was no Jericho.

After that, it was total chaos as Ricky Shane came running in the ring and started attacking Gage and the former champion also came out to help Gage as he was trying to stop the attack and Gage fought them off but then it was all about Cardona as Gage received a low blow from RSP which resulted in a game-changer as Cardona went on to deliver Rough Ryder and he claimed the title because of what all happened.

As the match ended the fans that came to see the match started throwing trash into the ring as it seems like that the match was pretty unfair for the Gage who held the title for 100 days and the fans were truly disappointed with what happened.

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