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GCCI writes to PM Narendra Modi: Permit home delivery of food till 10 pm


The coronavirus has been such a big nuisance to the country that it has been affecting the country’s growth in so many ways. Now a new problem has arrived as in the Gujarat GCCI is facing a big issue as a crisis situation has come up in the state when it comes to the food and hospital industry and this has been happening because of the curfew timings that has been set by the state government which is 8:00 pm to 6:00 am and the Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry have come up with writing a letter to the prime minister of the country to find a solution to the ongoing crisis that is affecting many families.

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GCCI president Nathubhai Patel has mentioned some points that are worth looking at as he stated that about 35000 restaurants, small food joints, cafes, and hotels are there in the state who carry out employment averaging up to 10-12 lakh employees combining of skilled and unskilled workers in a direct way, he mentioned that the small businesses and many entrepreneurs have not been able to survive and have taken a sad decision of closing out their businesses which is a sad scenario to see as the local public is really suffering, he also stated that many of the people have lost their jobs as many of the businesses had to be closed down as they couldn’t carry on as they couldn’t sustain their businesses, he has also stated that the industry needs to get stabilized efficiently to avoid bankruptcy that many of the businesses are going through right now.

For a solution, they have requested to up the time for the home deliveries to up to 10:00 pm so that businesses can continue for a while as he stated that the delivery boys are facing issues and this can solve their problem, The Indian Express has already come up with a study stating that Gujarat is facing a huge crisis in the food sector because of which the small players that are in the market will have no choice but to shut down their businesses and there should be a solution to this alarming situation that is going on in Gujarat.

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