Gayton Mckenzie is the newly elected district mayor of Central Karoo and he is gaining people’s attention since he pleaded that he will not take any benefit of his rank and also donate his complete salary which he will earn while chairing the mayor post of Central Karoo district. Gayton Mckenzie’s name is being searched by every social media consumer as he has become the talk of the town after making this announcement. Now netizens are eager to learn what is the remuneration of the elected mayor and what are the benefits associated with his post which he will also not supposed to take. We have penned every imperative point of this story so keep reading this article to obtain the information about Gayton Mckenzie’s salary and associated benefits with the mayor’s post. Follow More Update On

Gayton Mckenzie

On Monday, he was elected as the mayor of the aforementioned district. Gayton is the leader of The Patriotic Alliance. After being elected as the people’s servant he told his people that his duty will not cost them. Gayton Mckenzie said, “I am supposed to donate my full salary, I am also not supposed to use Mayoral cars. Mayoral cars should be sold and emergency vehicles should be bought. I will pay my bodyguard from my accounts and the police officers who serve as Mayoral bodyguard should go to another duty.”

The newly elected Mayor has pledged to serve without using the government’s single penny and he is supposed to serve the people by using his own resources. It was certain that people would automatically be pulled to this news and the same has happened. In the next section, we have mentioned the breakdowns of the salary that he will get while serving in the Mayor’s post.

According to the reports the executive Mayor is set to receive R117,423 per month or R1.4 million annually. And this is the 103% of a previously proposed figure before the increment which was R114,003 per month or R1.3 million annually. He also claimed that he will not take any advantage and benefit of the post such as cellphone, accommodation, car, petrol allowances, and data. As per the data, an elected Mayor gets approximately R3,400 per month as the cellphone allowance. The other benefits associated with this post are medical claims, provident funds, and pension. The step which Gayton Mckenzie took is really appreciable.


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