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Who is Gary Lacey? Man Arrested In Saugus Bank Robbery


Who is Gary Lacey? Man Arrested In Saugus Bank Robbery: We are here again with another bank to robbery news. The cases of Bank Robberies are rising and this is the topic of concern which must need to be looked out on by the government and the authorities must come into action as soon as possible. This bank robbery was done on Monday in the afternoon and the news jas been reported or confirmed by Chief Michael Ricciardelli that a suspect had been arrested by the Saugus police department in the Bank Robbery case. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Saugus Bank Robbery

Who is Gary Lacey?

The suspect is Gary Lacey and he has been aged 48. He is from Turksbur, who is charged with two counts of robbery. The robbery was taking place at the Eastern Bank and then eh police comes into action when they have been informed. At 12:27 Saugus Police got the alarm and then the officers were dispatched to the bank at the same time without any more delay or wasting their time. While the officers were on their way to the bank they have been kept on updated by the dispatchers about the situation.

Saugus Bank Robbery Explained

When officers reached the spot of mishap in the hope that they will be going to catch the suspect right there, but when they reached there, they got to know about the note left by the suspect to the two informers of the bank. Then officers got a call at the same time that someone is forcing a man to ride a stranger from the parking lot. Just after this officers rushed to the parking lot which is 100 yards away from a bank. Finally, police did their best and they caught a suspect which was later identified as Lace.

So Lacey was taken to custody and police took over all cash he robbed from a bank. An officer also claimed that he doesn’t have any weapons and he robbed a bank without any of the weapons. It this even shocking for the police that he could rob a bank without any weapon as to do so a suspect need to threaten people and this way it can only be done but Lacy was not in any possession of having a weapon during a robbery.

So his hearing in the court is scheduled for Tuesday, and this must need to do after which he will be jailed or punished for his crime. So for all the world news is glued to our site by following us.

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