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Who is Maxim’s sister in Free Fire? Garena Free Fire Maxim Sister Real Name, Age, Instagram!


Free Fire has its 4th anniversary so the festivities of its’ is on the way, and it is going to be jammed up with numerous exciting offers and gifts fr the players. The gamers are super excited as they will going to get many new features and updates of this game. Whares you are also curious about its celebration. Players will go to get numerous characters free and many more in a line. Along with this, they will also be going to get bonus points and coins.

Maxim Sister

Who is Maxim’s sister in Free Fire?

There is a most attractive and lucrative set of rewards are awaiting the players of Free fire. The quiz of eth Free Fire anniversary was started on August 20 and the player those are taking the participants in this might win and revive lost of rewards they are waiting for them curiously. So as a reward they will be going to get a pin and parachutes by answering the questions asked in a quiz. So the end date of the event is scheduled on August 29.

So this is going on in an online session. There are numerous questions to the joiners and they have had to send their answers. ON the basis of this players are chosen by developer those are given a correct answer. So the question of 27 August is, WHO IS MAXIM’S SISTER? The options include Caroline, Kelly, xayne, and Misha. So the correct answer to this question is Misha. So the user has to complete daily missions and they mist need to give a correct answer to win rewards.

Maxim Sister Real Name characters Name in Free Fire

MAXIM character in Free Fire:- This character is the most competitive eater, with the ability called Gluttony. The player selects the character whose passive ability has been raised which includes the speed of eating and even uses its medkits around 15 percent. And his speed can go higher thane this which could ‘be around 40 percent.

  • Here is one more character named Misha
  • Misha character in Free Fire

She is well known for her racing speed. Her passive ability is Kane as “Afterburner”. If you use this character you can increase her driving speed by 5 percent. And it isn’t easy to target her while she is inside a vehicle. Damage can be decreased by five percent. And her driving speed can get more speed which can be raised to 20 percent. And after this, the damage could be reduced to 30 percent.

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