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Gaming Pc’s Banned California: Dell Banned For Selling Powerful Gaming Pc’s In California


There has been a strange case for many as Dell has been banned to sell powerful laptops and PC’s in California but in reality, it is not that weird as it is being stated that it has happened due to the power consumption regulations which has been stating on the website of the company. the only laptop that can be shipped is the Alienware Aurora R12 and that too without the 11th Generation Intel core processor which is the only model that is being allowed to be shipped to all of the 50 states, there are other three models which have powerful chips are not allowed to be shipped.

Gaming Pc's Banned California

Gaming Pc’s Banned California

Dell that Alienware consumes about 63KWH which is the statistics for a year when it kept idle but can use up to 563KWH which is for annually if the CPU is going to be working and is going to be put through stress,¬†California has the law to allow anything that is going to consume the power between 60 or 70 kWh for a year and it seems like that they are not the only state that are stopping the gaming systems from getting shipped to their borders, this is also the case when we talk about Hawaii, Colorado, Washington, and Vermont has also the law of not allowing such laptops and PC’s which has been reported by The Register.

California has gone on to pass some new laws regarding power consumption in the year 2019 and they have made these laws because they have the largest economy and are only second to Texas when it comes to total energy consumption, and it has also been stated by the information administration of US energy that the state is the Fourth largest electricity producer in the whole nation and is accounted to have the 5% of the utility-scale of the country.

Because of all of these statistics, it has been decided by the authorities of Calfornia that they need to make strict laws for the energy consumption as the resources are limited and these steps are necessary to conserve the energy as we are already suffering the essentials and these steps are highly appreciated in order to save the energy.

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