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Games of Karma Ullu Webseries All Episodes Watch Online Cast Crew And Actress Name


Ullu is coming up with its new series, thsi is going to be the most erotic series. The name of the upcoming internet sensation is “Games of Karma”. This is going to be the most entertaining and will take you on the ride of the most mysterious and horror tide of the human side. The news of the series is creating a buzz over social media. In thsi series, you will also go to enjoy a subscribe which will create an interest amongst the audience as it is jammed up with desires.

Games Of Karma

Release date of “Games of Karma”:-

The audience is getting curious to know the release date of the series after watching the trailer d the series. The curiosity level of the audience is high so we have good news for you all that It is all set to be released on 14th September 2021. To enjoy a series you just need to take a subscription to the app and it is affordable.

The storyline of “Games of Karma”:-

The storyline of the series is consists of ther os a character whose name is Leprosy and she let Fraaooq alone in life, He will be seen involved in a most horrifying work which is buying dead bodies and he used to like his work. He use to give corpses to his work at night only. But then the youngesters caught him doing so, whereas luckily he saves himself and proved himself innocent. Thsi is effecting his own life and he is unaware about the fact.”

Trailer of “Games of Karma”:-

The trailer is 1 minute and 56 seconds long, in you will going to see there is an old age man who used to be worked in the ‘Kabristan”. All he has to dig to buried dead bodies. But then these dead bodies have become his desires and he uses the bodies of girls to fulfill his physical needs. He has also been seen involved in selling buying these dead bodies. His entire life rounds with “Kabristan”. He loves spending time there, and the entire story seems horror.

The trailer has been crossed numerous views and the viewers cemented that they are waiting for the release of the series.

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