Gambas Accident: 20 people evacuated after chlorine gas detected: Singapore has just survived a big loss. According to the source, The Singapore Civil Defence Force detected chlorine gas within a rubbish compactor room. This news traveled from Gambus Crescent. SDFC reported that the chlorine gas was found at Gambus Crescent in a rubbish compactor cell. A big tragedy could happen on 28th May 2022 Saturday morning but luckily nothing severe happened. The Singapore Civil Defence Force was quick to respond to a call that was made for assistance at about 7:15 AM on Saturday. Since today morning this news is making news headlines in the country. Now people are eager to learn every important point related to the Gambus Crescent chlorine gas leak accident. You are suggested to go through every division of this column. Scroll down the page and have a look below. Follow More Update On

Gambas Accident

Gambas Accident

On the ground floor of the block, chlorine gas was detected within the rubbish compactor room after the arrival of 2 Gambas Crescent. The rescue team used chemical detectors to identify the presence of chemical gas inside the room. SCDF immediately dispatched a team to take over the situation and handle it. After evacuating more than 20 people the rescue team detected the harmful gas in the rubbish room. However, SCDF released a statement and posted a post on Facebook to address the matter.

SCDF stated in a Facebook post that the firefighters deployed a water jet to reduce the concentration of the gas mixed in the air in the room. The firefighters diluted the chlorine gas vapors with water and also used two exhaust fans to extract the harmful gas from the room. Furthermore, a spokesperson for SCDF said, “outside air concentration of the room helped the room to remain at a safe bar. The hazardous gas was affecting the people who were inside the room when the gas leaked. As many as 20 people were taken out from the room.” Kindly fetch more about Gambas Accident in the next section.

SCDF also assure that they used every safety measure to ensure if the room is out of danger or not. Furthermore, SCDF officers used chemicals to trace the presence of chlorine gas inside the room. The Singapore Civil Defence Force said that public safety is our first priority and that is why we evacuated 20 people first before taking any further steps. Keep visiting this website for more such content.


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