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Galaxy Z Flip 4 First Official Render Leak Design Features Details Revealed


There is news coming from the technology and innovation come organ industry as Samsung innovation and technology developing company and a well-known brand around the globe is in the news because of the render league of its latest upcoming galaxy Z Flip 4 has leaked its new look and other features of the phone. this may be a promotional stunt of the company or some kind of scrutiny against the company but so far this is very useful information for tech-enthusiast and Samsung users as there is a new phone that is about to come for the people who were looking for a stylish phone for themselves. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Galaxy Z Flip 4

Samsung galaxy Z flip four has as per the leaked looks of this phone it is said that it is now bigger and more clear on first look. Its camera Lenses are said to be more advanced than the previous one and promise a mesmerizing image experience, the hinges of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 or more narrow as situated adjacent to the screen as the price of this phone is the same as the previous one Samsung galaxy Z flip three. It is Reported that the galaxy Z Flip 4 is Recognised by analysts in the Database of the United State Federal communications commission (FCC) recently.

As per the price aspect the Galaxy Z flip four is similar to the previous model galaxy Z flip three the starting price of the phone is Rs.84,999 in India and its specifications are not changed much from the previous model according to the reports galaxy Z flip four has introduced a 6.7 inches super-Amoled display with 120 HZ of refresh display rate as this is a smartphone and because of its flip feature it is coming in 2.1-inch super-Amoled outer display as well,

Furthermore, it is speculated that the Samsung galaxy Z4 is powered by the snapdragon version of the 8th generation with 1 SOC and supported with 8GB of RAM and 512GB of storage, the phone has a 12-megapixel dual rear camera panel and a 10-megapixel selfie panel. it has a total of 3700MAH battery pack and a 25W fast charging battery system with a 10W wireless charging support system also available in the phone.

as per the leaked information, the galaxy Z flip four is available in Bora purple color and the design of a flip four is almost similar to the previous model Samsung galaxy Z flip three as mentioned above only a few features or differentiated like slightly larger in size and some click buttons available on the screen. It also said that the camera is more improved in galaxy Z flip four than its previous models and it has now or narrow hinges and is situated closer to the screen display.

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