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Cheer: What Happened To Gabi Butler Teeth? Before And After Photos


Cheer: What Happened To Gabi Butler Teeth? Before And After Photos: Gabi Butler is an American YouTuber and cheerleader who is getting trending on social media. The news is about her teeth. She is a television personality and achieved much national recognition after starring in Cheer’s Netflix docuseries. She has also been part of many teams before she appeared in the Netflix show such as California All-Stars Smoked, Top Gun TGLC, Cheer Athletics Wildcats, and so on… Furthermore, Gabi is currently a Weber State University cheer team member. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Gabi Butler Teeth

What Happened To Gabi Butler Teeth?

When it comes to her professional career, Gabi never misses the opportunity to come in the headline. She has gained views of her tooth controversies. When she tweeted her photo, reactions coming throughout the world stated, This pic makes me happy cause I’m smiling with my teeth on her Twitter account. People take this seriously and start a conversation about her teeth and the product that she used to whiten her teeth. So, there is nothing wrong with her teeth and there is no need to create a big issue.

Some sources also say that she has gone some teeth surgery to make a better shape and whiten her teeth. It’s not true. She doesn’t do any surgery as of now. Furthermore, sometimes Gabi uses a product called Novashine since 2019. Novashine is a brand that is used for Teeth Whitening and is free from cavities. So, the cheerleader is also using the same product, and she is quite happy with the result of the product.

Gabi Butler Before and After Photographs

Gabi was 23 years old and she seems pretty happy with her smile. Gabi didn’t go through teeth surgery but she used a product to fix her teeth.  Furthermore, you can see Gabi’s new pictures online in which several of them are more than her photos with her teeth of before and after. There is not much difference in her teeth. Just a whitening product that I am using Novashine. Now her teeth look like a brightening and shining star.

Gabi Butler Age, Height, Weight, Instagram

Gabi is 23 years old. Similarly, the YouTuber was born on January 16, 1998, and she is of American nationality. She attended Navarro College. Gabi is a popular Cheerleader professionally now she is a skilled and talented personality who had also appeared on the show Awesomeness TV’s YouTube series Cheerleaders for a couple of seasons when she was on the California All-Stars team Smoked. She is also on social media where she has 1.8 million followers with over 712 posts with the name od @gabibutler1617.


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